Guava Jam and Sorrel Jam this Saturday at San Antonio Green Market

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Events and Dates from now until Christmas for Terre Bénie

Click Here

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Thank you

Thanks to everyone who visited UpMarket today.


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UpMarket this Saturday

Terre Bénie will be at UpMarket this Saturday at the Woodbrook Youth Facility.

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Have you been to the San Antonio Green Markets Facebook page ?

I went to San Antonio Green Markets Facebook page and I saw some information about the market and vendors etc. You don’t have to be logged in to view the pages. You can click on the links below:


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Classroom Rentals

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What’s Possible: UN Climate Summit Opening Film

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California Cultured

This one of our new neighbours at San Antonio Green Market. Here is the introduction to the product.

Kefir Water

Kefir Water is a natural probiotic beverage fermented from Tibicos Kefir Grains and pure Demerara sugar. These probiotic wonders, also known as Japanese water crystals, produce a living superfood known by the ancient cultures across the world. this strain has been  treasured for thousands of years and guarded as closely as family jewels. Although the origin is shrouded in myth, its health benefits are well known.

You can find more information on their facebook page:


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Neighbours at San Antonio Green Market 2

Branmarc Limited’s Trinidad & Tobago Puzzle Map

A locally conceived and designed puzzle map of Trinidad and Tobago. The package includes 52 cards with historical information and trivia sheet.

URL: Click Here

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Neighbours at San Antonio Green Market

Creative Crafts by Nature Seekers based in Matura.

Nature  Seekers was established in 1990 to assist in the protection of endangered Leatherback Turtles on the Matura Beach, in East Trinidad.

At Nature Seekers you can :

  • go turtle watching
  • do turtle tagging
  • go on Nature Walks
  • go to the Salybia River
  • go to  the Rio Seco Water Fall
  • go to the Mermaid Pool


Creative Crafts

To ensure sustainable employment for community members Nature Seekers has embarked on a Reforestation programme and a Natural Craft and Jewelry Programme. Beautiful recycled glass, paper and natural beads and jewelry are created in the workshop using the natural, waste and talented human resources available in Matura. This programme provides skills training for sustainable livelihoods, simultaneously keeping the environment clean and providing a safe nesting area for endangered sea turtles.

Crafts are available to purchase:

  • At the Beach Facility
  • At the office during office hours
  • Various craft markets around the country


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